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Consultants & Accountants wanted to start a consulting business.

In the US, 58% of SMB’s use a coach to help grow and audit their business, along with many CEO’s and upper management in Australia. In recent years, many accountants have extended their roles to that of mentor or coach, guiding clients and allowing them to take advantage of the neutral insight and added skills. In Australia there are over 2 million small businesses that employ over 60% of our workforce. Unfortunately 89% of these fail in the first year and 95% don’t make a profit in the first two years.

One Australian company specialising in practical management software and solutions for the SMB sector has launched a national program to help transform these alarming statistics.

A well-known name prior to selling the business to a global business resource company, founder and CEO of MAUS Business Systems, Peter Hickey has (since re-acquiring the business), focused his attention on developing an all-encompassing program to resolve key problem areas.

Suitable for all types of business, the aptly named “Your Business Success Program” will provide the technology, resources and access to a network of mentors, in order to help its members evolve.

The Your Business Success Program is a natural progression for MAUS and its award winning range of business management resources that is used by around 60,000 SMB’s, to simplify the complexities of specialist processes via step-by-step methodologies.

Hickey explained, “We currently have network of accredited business advisors but with hundreds of new YBS members expected in the first month, we are seeking to partner with accountants and advisors to assist with demand.

Selected Program licensee’s will attend a two day workshop and have access to all components of the Your Business Success Program including the business intelligence software.

Hickey explained, “This program is set to establish a worldwide benchmark, and we expect it to be ranked as the global leading business success program”. No other company offers a nationally marketed, easy-to-apply business methodology complete with feature- rich software, video resources and diagnostics.

Peter explained, “The program will target problematic areas including one’s that experts have highlighted for years, as key reasons for business failure.

For over twenty years, experts including “Kaplan and Norton” have emphasised the primary cause of business failure, as being directly attributed to the inability to execute strategies successfully. This fact has been well documented with research noting that less that 10% of strategies are implemented successfully and 70% of CEO failures are a result of poor execution.

The Your Business Success (YBS) Program provides the resources and software to maintain professional data to assist with growth, profit and ultimately an easier sale or transition in the future.

Designed to optimise a business, the Program’s business intelligence software includes project planning, document management, KPI monitoring, staff planning, health and safety solutions.

It has been independently trialled through diverse Australian industries and proven to optimise operational performance and create a range of positive results such as superior strategy implementation, increased staff engagement, and greater productivity”.

Hickey explained, “It’s simple-to- use and allows business to focus on core competencies, while helping it to communicate, collaborate, engage employees and at the same time, make them accountable”.

“It allows business to store and transform data into useful knowledge to assist with educated decision making to reduce inefficiencies and offer greater transparency”.

It is guaranteed to appeal to business with restricted budgets, as subscriptions for up to ten employees have been set at an affordable $97 per month.

All new YBS members are provided with a trial phone mentoring session with one of our accredited YBS partners during their first month. This session is to help motivate and ensure the YBS software is used to maximum potential with goals established and each member encouraged to continue with ongoing coaching.

A host of diagnostic tools and access to the (Channel Nine acquired) Your Business Success library of video’s and case studies from many of Australia’s most respected entrepreneurs is also included.

To find out more about the benefits of joining MAUS Business Systems accredited team of business advisors and accountants, contact 1300 300586 or visit www.yourbusinesssuccess.com.au or www.mauscoaching.com.au

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